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I train teams to function better together.


Discover the power of improvisation techniques to improve your leadership skills and team cohesion.

In my communication workshops for individuals, groups and companies in Berlin and beyond, I use techniques that help teams to function better and leaders to be successful.




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Conflict resolution

A Conflict Resolution One-Liner for Leaders (and how to apply it)

Conflicts are annoying and dangerous, especially at work and especially when they escalate. From the outside,…
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Presentation Training

The problem with presentations trainings (and what to do about it)

I spent years managing large projects as a consultant and I had a lot of trainings…
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TEDx Kreuzberg Logo

I trained 4 TEDx speakers – here are 5 things I learned

So, TEDx Kreuzberg happened, and I couldn’t possibly be more proud of the four speakers that…
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Team Building Games

5 Team Building Games That Don’t Suck (thanks to improvisation)

Think of your last few team building events. Did they all work? I guess some did…
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You want innovation? Improvise. (I mean it)

  - Improvisers produce 20% more product ideas and 25% more creative ideas than professional product designers. (Kudrowitz, MIT,…
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The best Leadership and Business books around (and the WORST ones!)

This is a - constantly updated - collection of my favourite books and of my most…
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