Discover what makes your team even more effective and resilient




Discover why improvising is so much fun and how much it can bring your team together!


In this event we will build your team’s path towards improvising a full scene with everything that comes with it.


Improvisation is an easy, fresh and energising art form that is based on mutual respect, support and communication – and practicing improvisation trains those concepts between the lines of a workshop filled with laughter and good mood.


Your team will walk out of this event amazed with how much closer they have become with their colleagues, but also fascinated by how much they trust them and want to support them in their work.


Key outcomes:


  • Experience and reciprocate support and trust
  • Acquire more awareness of your surroundings and of other people's goals and needs
  • Practice working in agreement towards a common task
  • Collectively generate creative solutions to immediate problems
  • Experience working in a trustful environment
  • Practice working with humor and creativity


Duration: 3 hours


This workshop takes specific elements from the training that improvisers go through and adapts them to the concrete, professional needs of your team.


In this workshop we will discover the secret methods that help improvisers develop such a deep sense of team spirit, and provide you with a real-life application that can be maintained over time.


The workshop will allow the participants to experience a different level of focus, of attention to detail, and to acquire practical ways of interaction that are proven to be effective in maximising mutual relationships, support and commitment to their common tasks.


Key Outcomes:


  • Practical, applicable skillset
  • Direct improvement of team dynamics
  • Faster pace of interaction and effectiveness of communication
  • Immediate awareness of how to be of use to your colleague
  • Collective ownership and responsibility of goals
  • Improved approach to creative problem-solving


Duration: 4 hours


This intensive workshop takes a two-step approach to teamwork to provide a deeper level of understanding to the participants and allow for a longer retaining of the addressed concepts.


The workshop will start with a fun introduction to improvisation and will focus on doing scenes and building a fresh and positive energy for your team, while training them on concepts that will be applied to practical situations in the second half.


The second part of the workshop will provide participants with a breakdown of such concepts and give them the tools to use them in their everyday life and with each other and will allow them to practice them in real-life simulations that will provide a contextualisation for them to experience their effectiveness in their professional environment.


Key outcomes:


  • Capability to self-organise and execute
  • Higher adaptability to changes and unforeseen situations
  • Higher trust in their capabilities and in the ones of the team
  • Stronger ability of taking competent risk as a whole
  • Respect for the effort of others
  • Reciprocal wish to provide support under stress
  • Better goal-setting and acceptance of mutual control for the shared goal

Duration: 8 hours