When you need change in your company, strategy and culture are what you need to hit on. Nail that, and organisational change will be direct. One by one: Strategy is clear, measurable, and traditional in the sense that it’s been the focus of management studies for much longer than work culture. It is well understood […]

Conflicts are annoying and dangerous, especially at work and especially when they escalate. From the outside, you need to see them coming, and when you do, you need to be quick on your feet to defuse them before things get ugly. It’s not an easy task, so in this article, I’m going to give you […]

This is a – constantly updated – collection of my favourite books and of my most hated ones, with the aim of sharing what has helped me in my journey and what has been a complete waste of time. I hope that knowing which book does what can help you out! 59 Seconds (Self Development) […]

Leading a team, you probably asked yourself at least once: How much do I need my team to know? It’s a tough question, I get that, especially because If you don’t involve your team, you’ll be more efficient. If you involve them, you might get to a better result. Then again, you start thinking about […]

  Authority is nothing else but negotiation: you negotiate with your project team their willingness to be lead by you. This means two things: In Project Management, Authority is a result, not a given; Your Project Team decide whether to give you authority, you can do your best to influence said decision, but you have no final […]