Become and remain the best leader for your team




In this seminar we will go through the basic pros and cons of different leadership styles and equip you with a practical roadmap to identify the most appropriate one giving the context you find yourself in.


A single leadership style – as effective as it can be – is not sufficient in today’s working environment.


Changing needs, customers and team members create a requirement for a leader not only to know where she stands on the leadership map, but also to identify the changes taking place and quickly adapting her position.


In this seminar we will look at your leadership style, present alternative ones you could adopt, and provide you with a concrete tool to quickly adapt to change.


The goal is to build awareness of different styles and to give you practical tools to strengthen your team’s trust in you in a high-paced and fast-changing environment


Key outcomes:


  • How to be a better leader and lead a highly effective team
  • Better awareness of your leadership style’s impact in your organisation
  • Ability to adjust your leadership style depending on the situation.
  • Understanding pros and cons of different leadership styles.
  • Three tools to guide your leadership style choice, depending on your goal and on the situation.
  • Mistakes to avoid
  • How to delegate effectively, personalising your approach on a personal and case-by case basis.
  • A practical approach to complex academic theories



Duration: 2 hours


This course enables you to improve your leadership skills in real-life situations and allows you to strategically assess and train your strong leadership points and improve your weaker ones.


The practical exercises carried out during the workshop will provide you with a heightened awareness of the changes taking place around you and with the right tools to quickly address them as they come your way.


Mainly we will focus on reading and identifying the changes taking place in your team at a macro and micro level, and on enabling you to quickly identify your best response them and maintain your team’s trust in your leadership’s effectiveness and their commitment to the common goal.


Apart from the theoretical explanation and comparison of leadership styles, this workshop dives into the practical side of things and gives you the possibility of directly experiencing changes in your leadership style and of having a faster learning curve by testing the different styles in practice.


Key outcomes:


  • Practical understanding of the effects of different leadership styles
  • Understanding and applying the communication skills that are essential to leading people.
  • Ability to maintain a higher team engagement when facing uncertainty
  • Macro- and micro-level awareness of your environment and your team’s situation
  • Strategically adapting your leadership styles depending on outside conditions
  • Better motivational and coaching skills
  • A skill set enabling you to adopt and individual approach to leading, motivating and rewarding at best each member of your team
  • A mental compass for adequately delegating responsibility and a concrete understanding of how much delegation you need at every step.
  • How to build and maintain your team’s confidence in you,
  • A practical training of the skills necessary to attain all the above points


Duration: 4 hours


This course helps you improve your leadership skills via specific concepts and concrete techniques in six different areas:


    1. Leader and team awareness
      • Understanding the complexity of your surroundings and the leadership styles you need at every moment
      • Listening and building awareness in others
      • How to be heard
    2. Emotional Intelligence
      • Leading emotionally
      • Motivate and manage your team’s performance
      • How to persuade
    3. Constructive arguing and conflict management
      • How to work in agreement
      • Conflict-resolution methods
      • Escalation prevention
    4. Motivation and trust
      • Create and lead a high-performing team
      • Reading your team member’s needs
      • How to gain and maintain trust
    5. Problem-solving and creativity
      • Involving your team in decision-making
      • Quick, conflict-free problem resolution
      • Brainstorming and executing better
    6. Stress management
      • Understand delegation styles, balance delegating and monitoring
      • Creating mutual support in your team
      • Leadership in turbulent times, keeping the ship afloat and sailing


Each module is aimed at training a specific area and provides you with practical tools that you can apply in your professional life.


The six modules are intended to guide you on an improvement path and, although separate, they build on each other’s concepts to give you a complete leadership framework to activate and operate in at the end of the course.


The practical experience of the exercises will help you retain the concepts once the course is over.


Key outcomes:


  • Lead better from day one
  • Find your leadership style and train your skill to change it as you need to
  • Gain trust and respect from your team
  • Foster learning, motivation and mutual respect and support
  • Get the maximum out of your team
  • Solve conflicts quickly and productively, train your team to do the same
  • Empower your team through delegation
  • Delegate well, gain time to focus on strategy and execution
  • Solve problems quickly and systematically, drive solutions that fit your team and your strategy
  • Effective brainstorming and idea generation
  • Ability to coach your team to self-regulate in your absence
  • Gain clarity on what your team wants, needs and provides, find their “sweet spot”.


Duration: 6 x 1,5 hours