I will make your team more effective and resilient, leading to better performance under pressure and stress management for your business.


Presentations are most of the time boring and uninteresting


Nobody receives your message, nobody pays attention


Train your team to stay united whatever the circumstances

The goal of this workshop is to enable your team to work efficiently together – even under high stakes.

Often, when stakes and pressure are high, teams drop all soft skills and time-management trainings because they need to focus on results: teamwork is seen as expendable. If this is standard practice, however, teams lose spirit and quality drops.

Improvisers regularly work under high stakes and stay together through difficult times. In this workshop the idea is to experience what works under pressure and what doesn’t. There is no blueprint, just learning by doing.



Higher reputation via their representatives


Clear and effective communication within the team


Becoming less territorial, awareness of communication flows and timing, mutual support and motivation

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