Renewable Energy

I have been working in renewable energy policy for the past six years, following topics like renewable energy, grid integration, regulation of electricity networks. I have worked on, authored and coordinated pan-European projects while working in Italy, the Netherlands, Poland and Germany.


Renewable Energy Projects

Authored or taken part in, main ones only and in random order.


PV Grid

PV GRIDPV GRID is a project funded by the European Commission’s Intelligent Energy for Europe programme that ran from May 2012 until October 2014. Its aim was to contribute to overcoming the bureaucratic barriers holding back the large-scale integration of Photovoltaic (PV) power into the electricity Distribution Systems (DS) across Europe.


Res Integration

Analysis and assessment of barriers to the integration of RES-E into the Member States’ grids and markets. The projects assesses how different countries are reacting to the new settings in terms of adaptation of the grid and the market to the rapid increase of RES-E in the phases of grid connection, operation, development and in the market. The project was done on behalf of DG Energy.


Res Legal Europe

Res LegalRun on behalf of the European Commission, RES LEGAL Europe covers hundreds of primary legal sources governing the integration of RES as well as the financial support schemes offered by the Member States for the EU 28, EFTA, accession and associated countries of the EU. RES LEGAL Europe covers all three energy sectors ( electricity, heating & cooling, transport), grid issues, and policies.



Keep On TrackOn behalf of EACI Keep-on-Track monitors the fulfilment of 2020 targets for renewable energies in the EU-Member States. Keep-on-Track publishes up-to-date market data and policy recommendations alongside the trajectory outlined in the RES Directive. The project aims at providing early warnings in case a Member State is lagging behind its trajectory and does not manage to overcome identified barriers for RES. In this case Keep-on-Track suggests solutions on how to compensate any possible delay encountered.



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