Generate new ideas and innovate at a rate you've never experienced before.


You are expected to have ideas and innovate. Most of us were never trained on how to do it.


Incremental ideas, repetition of previous attempts, no groundbreaking or AHA! moment


Improvisers are the best idea-generating machines on the planet, train like they do

How do you make an idea brilliant and a story memorable?


Improvisers are required to come up with new, never-before-seen concepts in a matter of seconds, several times in a row.


Is it just winging it?


No, creativity is a science, and Improvisers have perfected it to the point where they surpass professional product designers by 25% and 20% for quality and quantity of ideas (MIT Study, 2010).


In this workshop, we work on what makes group creativity possible and awesome, and on connecting to our co-creators to add meaning and "edge" to each element we include in our story.



Radically different ideas, competitive advantage, engaging stories


Faster teamwork, better co-creation


New skills, Functional group mind, Resilience under stress, Less territoriality

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